Althia and Donna - Up Town Top Ranking

Uptown Top Ranking Keywords

Uptown Top Ranking Keywords

Althia and Donna - Up Town Top Ranking

Uptown Top Ranking keywords and SERP image

Go to Google and type in ‘eecom’ and have a look on the page that pops up.

“We are number two on page one and we can get you there too!”

The page that pops-up is the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. It is the page that matters the most and the higher your company or business is in the list of results; the better! Why? Well……because you have just a few minutes, if that, to grab peoples attention and have them complete a sale or make a phone call to you. Eecom is competing globally on the whole internet with 85,400 other entries with some, dare I say it?, possibly more deserving entries such as…..

  • The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication,
  • Wikipedia entry listing NASA’s Electrical, Environmental and Consumables Manager,

How did I get eecom to the top of page 1 on Google? Well I can’t give all the trade secrets away. All I’ll say is that there is no magic pill, it is not quick or easy and that is why professional Marketeers/Marketers charge money for their knowledge firstly, and then their time.

Like most things in life, you can get to No.1 by being you and also by embracing the knowledge needed to achieve top ranking and combining that with good old fashioned hard work. Don’t forget that Social Media requires people to be

  1. Signed up to the social media platforms you publish to; all of them.
  2. Use them regularly
  3. Opted-in to see your adverts, banners and content

With a website, even it is just one page that says your business name, a phone number and what you do (tip: 300 words or more are needed), that is all you need to start sowing the seeds of SEO. A website resides or lives right bang slap on Internet Street and you don’t need to sign in to use the internet or make sure your have set your security settings correctly so you see the adverts you want to see. Social Media and other traditional methods of marketing are important however, your website and URL/domain name/internet address should be the top of the list. Imagine if you were a band that wanted to get a message across to fans.  Would you want to write the message once within your website as content and then have it automatically copied over to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc or go into each social media platform, logging in and pasting your message in each one? : o  it’s a no-brainer.


Buy ‘Up Town Top Ranking’ the song; on iTunes –> BUY NOW

Choose the wrong Tech and lose NET profit image

Choose the wrong Tech and lose NET profit

Choose the wrong Tech and lose NET profit

Dial up modem on desktop in caravan; lead throught the window into the phone socket. Mobile computing? Hmmmm…….Who cares as long as you “Get The Message Across”. When I was doing R&D on digital photography taking over from roll film within the National Press, I learnt to never assume what the next Tech solution will be. A lot of my collegues laughed me out of the room saying ‘you’re crazy, they will never get digital cameras to take photos as good quality as film’. I worked for Fuji out of Swiss Cottage and spent time with the picture editors and image libraries in London. Kodak has a dial up mobile scanner in a suitcase that looked gross; two massive rubber sockets you had to jam the phone handset into :D It sent the image across the phone lines and around the world. Imagine the time and effort needed to get the image across? Whats the point here? In business, it’s function over form every time. Resilience and redundancy over design every time. Intuitivity and navigability over being with the in-crowd, every time. But hey, if it looks good too, great. Don’t be a sheep, break the mould and choose the proper Tech for the job.

Choose the wrong Tech and lose NET profit


System Status

System Status




eecom web hsoting system status image

System Status shows the status of our systems and whether they are turned off (down), on (up), faulty and repairable (serviceable) or faulty and unserviceable (bricked). We aim to have 99.9% uptime per year with no SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) or compensation. This works out that systems can be off for a total of 8 hours per year but obviously not all in one go (continous). Even with RAID (Redundant Array of Inexspensive Disks), clustering and shared locations that synchronise servers, there has to be down-time to do PPM (Planned Preventitive Maintenance).

We hope you agree it is better to have a managed plan of uptime and downtime rather than have a sudden system failure that is unexpected. Weak decision making outside of Eecom, with regards to systems PPM, maintenance and integrity has led to some major system failures such as Banking Systems. Here is a good article at  by Sharlene Goff and Sam Fleming. click–>

Whilst we always aim to give you best value for money, we have to check the cost/benefit analysis every few months. This makes sure we have enough working capital to reinvest in making sure systems stay switched on and in ‘known good working’ order as much as possible. Obviously we cannot offer 3 datacentres synchronising servers 24/7/365 in 3 different continents when we are charging under £3 per month for hosting! However, be assured we do invest as much profit as possible in ensuring we have a professional Enterprsie level service.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Phil Swift

Eecom Limited


play top grossing android apps on your Windows PC image

How can I use kik and snapchat on my PC

How can I use kik and snapchat on my PC

If your target audience is Android based or you know that you are missing a chunk of demographic; you can ‘call to action’ you targets with this knowledge.

  • Any Android app can be used on a Windows PC (indirectly)
  • You need to use an emulator in between the app and your PC
  • The app is written to work on Android
  • The emulator is written to work on Windows
  • The emulator emulates an Android phone so the app doesn’t have a clue it is running on Windows
  • Using social media that runs on Android such as kik and snapchat you can access demographics that are movong away from other social media platforms.
  • I’m trying to stay Vendor neutral so it’s up to you what emulator you try.
Below is the top grossing Android apps
play top grossing android apps on your Windows PC image

Use your pre-screened SEO keywords within your app, emulation advert, calls to action and life hacks. Don’t forget bright, eye catching and engaging imagery. Never forget apps can have ‘opted-in’ push notfication ads and icon ads. Users should always have choice.

Be aware that users can access apps such as ‘addonsdetector‘. Stay sincere and authentic!

Have a play with installing emulators on Windows then install some test Android apps. Take some time out and try and think laterally for new ways of “Getting The Message Across”

Pinterest Android Apps on Google Play icon

Pinterest Android Apps on Google Play


sale assists image

Using remote solutions to close the sale

Using remote solutions to close the sale

Go to 1 minute 38 seconds (01:38) to learn how your companies remote support staff can remote into smartphones and help prospects and customers make the sale by teching them how to order from you online. The above Vid uses RealVNC’s solution to remote into Sony Xperia smartphones. Eecom embraces continuous improvement and lateral thinking to provide best-fit solutions to ensure your company never misses a sale.

The prospect or customer should opt-in by agreeing to the process. As they are opting in there is no ethical issues here at all. They are even prompted twice. The prospect or customer will only action security information (that is dotted-out) and the actual click to buy the item.

Once the incompetent consumer becomes competent, they will buy again from you on their own. Just to be clear, here is what happens

  • Customer wants to buy via device
  • Incompetent
  • Calls helpdesk who manually takes order for objectors or remotes in for non-objectors
  • Non objector complies with opted in support session
  • Helpdesk agent sets everything up and teaches.
  • Customer clicks the buy button and enters security and personable data into your website/eShop
  • Customer becomes competent, loyal, engaged and repeat
  • Conversions here are…….
    • ‘Buying signal’ becomes ‘close’
    • Prospect becomes customer
    • Problem becomes solved
    • Incompetent becomes competent
    • Non-compliant becomes compliant
    • Unsigned can become opted in for email marketing
    • Indifferent becomes loyal
    • Brand unaware becomes Brand aware
    • Perception of your customer care model is improved


Dont forget to SEO on-page and off-page to link up this USP (Unique Selling Point) to the words or keyphrases your targets are typing into search engines or social media search boxes. ‘How can I buy stuff on my Sony Xperia’ is one that jumps to mind.

What is The Cloud

What is The Cloud

Historically the cloud is a symbol used in Microsoft’s Visio to represent the Internet within an IT Topology map or an infrastructure schematic.

Currently The Cloud is simply the internet and is sometimes misunderstood to be something connected to the internet not the internet itself. For example, Cloud Backup means a backup solution that uses a server in a room somewhere other than where you work or live that uses the internet to connect you and the server. The Cloud is nothing new however, the definition or understanding of The Cloud has changed.

Technically The Cloud can be understood as ‘Cloud Computing’ which is many computers that are connected together via a medium, which nearly always involves or is the internet. Installed programs or applications or ‘app’s’ running on computers (desktops, workstations or servers) talk and interact with each other.

Some cloud solutions and services  use Terminal Services which can be branded as Citrix. Terminal Services were rebranded as Remote Desktop Services in 2008. There was Cloud Computing over 15 years ago but it was called something else and the main thing was the server, nodes and clients were all owned by the business and not rented from someone else. Here is an early Citrix document that on page 6 mentions Citrix’s MultiWin –>

If you need a secure website, filer sever, intranet, databases, email and backup, then you should host it yourself, with your own hardware and systems. If Barclays Bank can be hacked, then any Cloud service is unsafe. The Marketing of The Cloud as the new way to work is a marketing myth. It is now 2014 and we are too far in to Cloud to quickly come back out to safer, proven and time served solutions. If you want real security, build it all yourself, have internal staff and make sure you know your IT team.

If you are a FSA member, do not go to the cloud but use a server with redundant features in a locked data cabinet in your physically safest property, SBS (Small Business Server), a Quantum tape machine for backups, two firewalls with a DMZ. ‘On premises’ is a new term I have not heard before however Microsoft use it. I have just done 2 months of tests with Azure which is Microsoft’s Cloud Servers and one of the questions they ask, when you close your account, is ‘why are you leaving us’?. One of the drop down options to answer with is ‘on premises solution’ so they must know that one of the reasons people stop using Cloud Services, is to use the highly unfashionable but best fit solution of ‘on-premises’ solutions.


How do i out an advert on Google image

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer

How do i put an advert on Google image

Open file>

Google Web Designer open file image

File>New File or Ctrl + N

Q: Interstitial? A: An advert that appears whilst a requested web page is loading

For a Google Advert to be posted in Google Adwords

Go Google Ads>Banner

  • Make a non-moving banner advert in GWD first of all. Get it live online NOW! The priority is to get your advert out and live, even if its very simple. Once it is out, revise to make the adverts keywords work for you. Then revise again to make the advert look visually good. Finally revise again to add moving images in the form of animation style, moving gif style, cartoon style etc. Remember: Check what you brief is and stick to it. If the brief is to get more unique visitors and traffic to a website or Facebook page then do not make a moving image advert your priority.
  • Leave as per below apart from
  • change or add the Name so it links in with your Bepsoke SEO and do not call it something like ‘file001′
  • Use the Quick option as time is money and you probably want to ‘KISS’ is (Keep It Simple Stupid). You also want your creativity to keep flowing with killer tag lines and calls to action. If you get bogged down in how GWD works, your creativity flow will reduce.
how do i make a banner advert image

Choose the size banner that is most used by the platforms that advertise to your target demographic

Click ‘OK’ and you get


How do i sell more online image

Stare at the white blank banner and make up a design in your head then get scraps of paper and a pencil and sketch out you idea. Then use a graphics tablet and sylus/pen to get it into GWD. Try and get inside the head of your target demographic, try and get a feel for what banner advert style will appeal most. Just name, number, sales line, call to action and Brand assertion (logo, tag line) is fine.

Remember to get a non-moving advert out and live first of all. Play around with the tools to find what does what

google web designer advert test in different browsers image

Install different brands of internet browser; check the advert in the different browser options then publish.

best way to advertise on the web image

Get it published. This will give you an index.html file.

You can then insert this webpage within another webpage (called nesting) using an iframe coding under Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 (HTML5)(<iframe> defining an inline frame)

  • <iframe src=”URL“></iframe>
  • <iframe src=”test_iframe.htm” width=”200″ height=”200″></iframe>
  • <iframe src=”test_iframe.htm” frameborder=”0″></iframe>
  • <iframe src=”test_iframe.htm” name=”iframe_a”></iframe>
    <p><a href=”” target=”iframe_a”></a></p>

The above puts your advert into your webpage or indeed any web presence that will accept iFrame. Your advert can also go into Google Adwords campaign of course.

Eecom Bespoke SEO graphic

Use Google Adwords to jump a new site into page 1 top and page 1 side advertising. Be scrupilous with keywords (especially negative keywords) if you use keyword search related advertising.

Don’t forget to start your advert design in GWD whether you are going to make a moving image advert or not. You can also create webpages with it rather than using Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress.

HTML webpages image

 How can I see my GWD publication (creative) online?

When you publish your GWD creative it gives you a zipped file to keep the filesize down to a minimum. Unzip it and you will get an html (Hyper Text Markup Language) file. You can FTP (File Transfer Protocol) this upto your web hosting space. You can change the name of the html file to whatever you want. However, home pages or landing pages are called index.html and are most likely to work when called index so that is why it comes to you as index.html.

For you to be using GWD it is correctly presumed that you will want to get it online and do something with it. This process is, strictly speaking, outside the scope of the GWD forums as these are primarily dealing with the Beta version bugs n snags.

Don’t forget to not expect GWD to work as you want it; this is because it is Beta and you will have to adapt your work style around it, and post your suggestions for additions and changes online (see above).

To see you creative online you will need to sign up for website hosting space, buy a domain name (URL), register it, set up FTP passwords and use a FTP app or the hsoting control panel fiel managemen tool to upload your GWD created html file online. People do not need to know your URL, you can keep it secret and use it for testing out your GWD creatives. You can also put it on your Google Plus page or Google business page –>

How can I sell more

How can I sell more

How can I sell more online?


ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็Need more NET profit? Need more Brand status?
Do you think your content and blog ‘comes across’ as original, informative, sincere and authentic? Are you reaching out to the right prospects and customers?
Did you know that Google’s bots, crawlers and spiders check your website and blogs for …….
*keywords and keyphrases
*how often your keyword appears
*the spacing between keywords (to stop keyword stuffing)
*checks for text in the same colour as your background (hidden)
*scans your words for authentic and sincere writing/content style
*link farms association
*ALT tags
*Image captions
*Image names
*authorship markup
*The new TLD extensions such as .plumber
*any tools used by you, or services you have bought into, that attempt to artificially elevate good standing or status with Google, Google AdSense, YouTube and Google Adwords

Do you think your content and blog ‘comes across’ as original, informative, sincere and authentic? Are you reaching out to the right prospects and customers?
If you need help or managed service to increase your digital footprint, build Brand and get more qualified opted-in customers and prospects give me a call or <BUY NOW> click –> £136 per month recurring-opt out at any time.
Phil Swift MBCS ITIL – senior engineer – Eecom Limited “Getting The Message Across”

Just type ‘eecom’ in your web browser address bar or Search Engine
Want to learn more about Google’s Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and

How can I sell more

Granny Hole outside her shop in St Jude’s in Bristol, probably sometime in the 1920s when Granny was in her 50s.

how do i backup my data image

SEO and backup

“It’s not until you lose something that know its true value”

SEO and backup

Go Cloud! 15 days free trial then less than the cost of a coffee per day!

This is so true, especially in the case of family photos and videos. It’s even more important if its data that you need to run your business. You have two choices. Just carry on and don’t back up any data or be pro-active and spend out a little bit each month knowing that your data is being backed up.

Decided? Great, signup and backup for unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC, just £3.04 $5USD /month

Click here now –>

Making sure your website data and settings, along with all the associated SEO inforamtion is really important. It really boils down to what kind of person you are. I’m not going to get on the pulpit and start preaching. We all know that we should back our data up regardless of whether we know why or not. You don’t have to be technically-minded to know you should do it. Just like knowing you need to check the car’s engine oil, water and coolant and tyre pressure and tread depth. The only difference is that tyre depth is covered by UK law. If you drive with tyres with not enough tread, and get caught you will be fined.

If you work with not enough backup you will not get fined. This seems a bit crazy to me, especially for companies or business of any size that are key to the UK operating smoothly and efficiently. The reason you get fined if you drive and get caught with too little tread o our tyres is that it affects other people’s lives and health. If you can’t stop in time and hurt or kill someone its not acceptable when you are on a public road (or anywhere, like a private road).

If you run a business and you lose data for whatever reason it’s not going to kill anyone but it can kill your business. Indirectly it cause stress and affect your health and you pass that onto your friends and family around you.

You may think I am being over-the-top but I have seen people break down and cry because they have lost data. This is because losing data means their livelihoods are directly affected, they lose face, they can be judged to be incompetent in the business world.

Large companies or Enterprises should have a data-retention policy. This means a calm cool headed approach to retaining data. They should have dummy runs at losing data and restoring it again so they have almost a military precision when it comes to crunch time. This way, if well rehearsed, data loss, corruption or deletion is a stress free process because you know you can restore it with no big drama.

When I worked for a large company we had the M.D.’s  (CEO equivalent) PA leave with bad vibes between her and the MD. I was looking after backups and kept any eye on the files servers where this person had access. About 5 mintes before this person walked out of the building, handing here security passes in etc, about 6GB of senior managers data went missing. They had just deleted the whole folder.

Best cloud backup image

The data was restored back again within 25 minutes and as far as I know, no one but me knew it was missing. It was seamless. This is not so much skills but the fact I embraced data retention, backups and more importantly, complied and adhered to best practise for data restoration. Every month I did a role-play where dummy valuable data would be deleted and then I had a certain time (a window) to have it restored.

This made my life so much easier. So….this is why backing up your data and doing dummy runs of restoring it is so much better than not backing up. I spent 5 years caretaking 3TB of data worth over £1 Billion and nothing went wrong. I used Quantum tape drives and Veritas Backup exec and I was Veritas trained (we used tape drives because the upload speed on the internet was too slow to get 3TB of data as a full backup through the Cloud into the backup service with a weekend).  In the last 2 years I have checked out a lot of systems and the only Cloud or internet based backup that gives the performance and has great value for money is Backblaze.

Give it a try and then make sure you pay for your peace of mind. I can quite honestly say it is the best value for money I have seen in the last few years. It’s a no brainer! Buy it for loved ones as a gift. Until you lose precious photos, one-off designs or all your accounts you just don’t know how painful it can be.

Unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC, just £3.04 $5USD /month

Click here now –>

"Getting the message across"